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What Type of Landscaping Do You Need During the Winter in the Selbyville and Rehoboth, DE, Areas?

What Type of Landscaping Do You Need During the Winter in Delaware Areas? | Country Lawn Care

Having beautiful landscaping all year long in the Selbyville and Rehoboth, DE, areas can be a surmountable challenge when you don't have a plan in place. In the colder months, in many landscapes, most of the vibrant and colorful plants have gone dormant and the lawn may be brown—that can be quite a drab view. However, landscaping professionals are experts at choosing just the right plants for your outdoor spaces so that it can be beautiful all year long. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.


Just like the name suggests, evergreens are green all year round. Placed strategically in your landscaping, you can retain some green even during the dullest months. They will look especially vibrant in contrast to all of the brown and dormant plants surrounding them.

There are various types of evergreens, each with a unique look. The white pine tree has clusters of blue-green needles. These trees add both texture and color. Plus, they are often used as a windbreak.

Plants with Berries

Perhaps nothing adds quite as much beauty in the wintertime as a plant with colorful berries. Plus, berries can attract wildlife including colorful birds that you will enjoy seeing during the winter. The more color, the better!

A popular option is the winterberry plant, which produces red berries that last into the wintertime. The red berries stand out against pure white snow and provide a welcome pop of color to any landscape.

Trees with Unique Bark

Birch trees are a beautiful addition to a winter landscape design. Their white tree bark with black or brown markings often peels, which adds texture to the unique color. This species of tree is popular in holiday decor items and pairs nicely with a wintertime landscape.

The American sycamore tree is also a colorful addition to a winter landscape also. The bark is often referred to as “patchy” or like a “jigsaw puzzle” in appearance. The trunk and limbs are an array of tan, green, and cream. It is a unique species of tree that certainly stands out.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses add shape and variety to the landscape. Depending on the specific variety, they can also add color. The little bluestem is a unique option because the blue-green blades turn orange, red, and purple just before winter arrives. Pampas grass is also a great ornamental grass that adds color. It is available in colors such as pink or white. The fluffy fan-like blooms create a focal point that will draw the eye.

Topiary Plants

Keeping hardy topiary plants in pots for landscaping and decor is considered a beautiful addition. However, topiary plants can be a permanent addition to your landscaping design. The yaupon holly spiral topiary adds shape and appeal, as do the double spiral thuja topiary plants.

A landscaping professional will be able to choose the perfect topiary plant for your landscape. Whether you are looking for a small potted plant or a large plant, they will be able to offer various options that you will love. Another great benefit to topiary plants is that they are green all year round!


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