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Factor in These Landscape Design Trends to Your Next Project in Milton and Selbyville, DE

Factor in These Landscape Design Trends to Your Next Project in Milton and Selbyville, DE

When it comes time to plan your next landscaping project in Milton and Selbyville, DE, you will want to have a few ideas to start. Depending on your desired outcome, here are some landscape design trends you may want to consider.

Natural Stone or Paver Walkway

An updated, well-designed walkway could be just what your landscape needs. A walkway made of natural stone or durable concrete pavers could complement the exterior of your home and feature a curved navigation to enhance the visual interest of your outdoor spaces. Whether you want the walkway to look as if it were a natural part of the landscape or a more modern construction, there are many materials and design options available.

A Shaded Paver Patio

A paver patio will give you an extension to your living space with a long-lasting surface that requires very little maintenance. The pavers you choose can set the style of your landscape, whether it’s more traditional, rustic, or modern. Either way, you will want it to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space, and you may want to consider other additions to solidify this area of your home as the main area for activities, from outdoor dining to cozy gatherings by a fire feature. You may want a pergola or a pavilion to offer protection during the hottest and wettest days, and keep you outside longer.

Outdoor Kitchen

The benefits of adding an outdoor kitchen are practically endless. A well-designed outdoor kitchen can function like an indoor kitchen minus the smells that tend to linger in the walls long after the meal has been consumed. With increased amenities available to choose from, including a wine cooler and sink, you can set up your outdoor kitchen to fit any culinary experience.

An outdoor kitchen will give you the necessary prep space to keep your cooked food separate from raw food, minimizing any risk of cross-contamination. A bar and service area will add additional seating and provide a place to converse with whoever is “working” in the kitchen.

Fire Pit

Incorporating a fire pit into a landscape design will guarantee your ongoing comfort and reason to have guests over. Picture you and your guests sitting around having a conversation around a fire pit that complements your existing patio or outdoor kitchen. Everyone is taking in the beauty and comfort given off by the flames, helping to create memories that will last a lifetime.

The addition of a fire pit can provide a source of entertainment throughout the year. Whether roasting marshmallows or enjoying a beverage of your choice by the flames, you’ll discover that a fire pit works perfectly to tie a landscape design together.

Strategic Landscape Lighting

The beauty made possible by a professionally created landscape design shouldn’t be hidden once daylight hours end. A strategic landscape lighting plan ensures that you can better enjoy it well after the sun goes down.

You can have uplighting installed under specific trees and along landscaping beds to bring attention to them. Place downlights in a tree to replicate moonlight. Have path lights strategically installed around your landscape, helping to illuminate specific features.


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