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4 Ways a Paver Patio Can Complement Your Outdoor Spaces in Lewes and Rehoboth, DE

Best 4 Ways a Paver Patio Ocean View, Lewes and Rehoboth, DE Can Complement Your Outdoor Space

A backyard without a patio is missing something—a place to hang out, to relax, to entertain. When you’re contemplating your options for a new paver patio in Lewes and Rehoboth, DE, you have many considerations to make, including how it can complement the rest of your landscape design.

To begin, you may want to consider the style of other landscapes in the neighborhood, your own preferences, and what will be required to properly care for a paver patio. Fortunately, while other materials may stain easy, quality pavers are typically manufactured to resist stains. Here are some other considerations to make about a new paver patio:

The Minimalist Approach

You may not want your patio to make a big statement—you may not want it to be the focal point of your backyard if, for example, you have or are about to have an inground pool installed. A simpler patio could serve as extension out from the back doors of your property in minimal fashion. Large-format pavers could reflect a preference for modern design, with stepping stone slabs leading the way from your backdoor steps to the paver patio.

A Substantial Addition

Another option is to bring all the attention to your patio, by incorporating the many amenities that contemporary patios feature these days, such as an outdoor fireplace, pergola, outdoor kitchen, or even a cozy bar area for Friday night fun.

Indeed, many landscape designs today are centered around creating an outdoor living space, where so many of the activities that have been relegated to the indoors can go outside, while minimizing the ongoing maintenance requirements of an expansive lawn. Your version of the perfect outdoor living space is completely up to you!

Various Options

Whether you love the look of brick or you want your patio pavers to closely resemble stone and take on a mostly natural appearance, you have choices. Pavers offer a variety of colors and textures that are very interesting to the eye, and make it so you can establish whichever style strikes your fancy. A classic style can be found in smaller cobblestone pavers, a pleasing effect that can make you reminisce about past vacations in Europe.

Tie in Various Structures

Your choice of pavers could closely resemble the choices you make for the wall blocks used to construct a nearby seating wall or fire pit. By addressing the missing pieces of your landscape all at once, you can establish, with the expertise of your landscapers, a cohesive outdoor living space.

Do you anticipate wanting to spend the warmest of days outside, under a pergola? Would you love to push practically all of your entertaining space outside? As you think through what amenities are best and that will help you achieve your outdoor living goals, your landscape contractor can help you sort through the many options to decide on the type of paver that would look best for your patio and its surroundings.

Whatever your vision, no matter how fleshed out it is right now, your landscapers can help you make the right choices. Maybe you want a vibrant color scheme to define your patio so that it offsets more muted tones in the foliage throughout the rest of the yard. The options are endless!


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