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Shine Light On All the Right Places: Strategic Outdoor Lighting in Ocean View and Lewes, DE

Shine Light On All the Right Places: Strategic Outdoor Lighting in Ocean View and Lewes, DE

There are many ways to add style and ambience to your property, but a particularly noticeable one is outdoor lighting. When you choose to add outdoor lights to your Ocean View and Lewes, DE, area landscape, you will be illuminating the area and creating a lovely visual aesthetics. As you start working with your landscape contractor to strategically design a lighting plan for your yard, you’ll find there are plenty of places to add lights, from your backyard patio to the front door entryway.

Walkway Lighting

Walkway lighting is one of the top techniques to consider since it’s a necessity yet it also gives you a way to bring attention to the beautiful colors and/or textures of your walkway pavers. With walkway lighting, you can move around your property with ease, and it may even give you a reason to slow down to enjoy the view.

Feature Illumination

Your property may have a lovely water fountain on it or an elegant statue that you’d like to illuminate. With outdoor lighting, you can add a spotlight to your property that will highlight the outdoor structure. You may find that multiple lights would be best, go provide an interesting view from various angles.

Lighting for Stairways

Stairways are other areas of your property that need the right amount of outdoor lighting.. When your landscape contractor adds lights alongside the stairways at set intervals or embeds the outdoor lights into the stairs, you can rest easy knowing the stairways on your property are well lit. But there’s a visual perk, as well, as this lighting technique can bring a higher elevation of lighting in your landscape—which may be most welcome if most of your landscape lighting is focused on flat areas like the paver patio and backyard walkway.

Pool Deck Lighting

If you have a pool deck and lack outdoor lighting in this area, you could consider adding outdoor lights as this type of illumination is essential for both safety and aesthetic purposes. You don’t want guests walking around your pool area in the dark, of course, but you want them to feel welcome to mill about and to even take a swim if the mood strikes. Also, think of how lovely twinkling outdoor lights reflecting off the pool water will be during the warmer season months.

Backyard Patio Lighting

Whether you use your back patio to relax on your own or with family members or to entertain friends, you should have the right amount of outdoor lighting. When you add outdoor lights to your backyard patio, you may find that you use this space even more. Think about all the outdoor dining you can do at night and the evenings you can spend outside on your backyard patio sipping drinks and enjoying conversation with friends. You can have your landscape contractor embed lights into your retaining wall or add outdoor light fixtures to the surrounding area.

Fine Garden Lights

Why only view your beautiful garden during the daytime when you can do so at night with outdoor lighting added? Your landscape professionals can suggest garden lighting that will fit well in your yard. You can add a few lights to the area in between your plants and shrubs, or surround the entire space with outdoor light fixtures.


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