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Outdoor Lighting Zones and How They Can Be Highlighted in the Long Neck and Ocean View, DE, Areas

Outdoor Lighting Zones and How They Can Be Highlighted in the Long Neck and Ocean View, DE, Areas

Adding outdoor lighting to your Long Neck and Ocean View, DE, home will brighten up your property’s exterior in many ways. You can add outdoor lights to one or two areas or light up the entire landscape with beautiful illuminating fixtures. As you consider where you want your landscape contractor to add outdoor lights, here are some outdoor lighting zones that could use some brightening.


Walkways are vital outdoor lighting zones, not just for safety purposes but for aesthetic reasons as well. Recessed lighting along the walkway pavers can guide your guests forward to go to your patio or your front door. For more prominent outdoor lighting fixtures, you could choose among a variety of styles that would complement your walkway as well as any other landscape features nearby.

Fine Garden Area

Another exterior lighting zone is the garden area, assuming you want to be able to enjoy your flowers and plants no matter what time of day it is. When your landscape contractor adds subtle light in this area of your landscape, it will call attention to the beautiful plantings that tend to be ignored after dark. You can choose among different color lights for your garden and pick lighting fixtures that blend in with the natural setting.

Backyard Patio

In order to enjoy your backyard patio at night, consider adding some outdoor lights to the perimeter of your space. By doing so, you can subtly light up the area while also highlighting where the patio ends and the landscaping begins. This can be especially helpful if your backyard patio is elevated. Having a lighted patio will give your space boundaries and also ensure that people can confidently move around on it.


Stairways are usually considered a must for some sort of lighting for safety reasons, so that people can move up and down your outdoor stairs with ease. The outdoor lighting can be added on the face of each step or placed alongside each stair to guide people to your door or pool patio.


Another outdoor lighting zone focuses on your property’s buildings. You can use various lighting techniques to highlight your house, a retaining wall, or your backyard shed, or objects around them. Silhouetting involves using a light on a vertical surface and creating a shadow of an object in front of it. Wall washing is another outdoor lighting technique where you can give dramatic lighting to your landscape simply by shining a light on the wall at the right angle.


Don’t forget about your main entryway as a necessary outdoor lighting zone. You want to greet guests and light the way for family members who come up your driveway. Your landscape contractor can designate a lighting path on either side of your driveway and illuminate this parking space for you. You can opt to use the same style of lighting for your front walkway to keep everything uniform in appearance.


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