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Give Your Landscape Design a Special Glow All Evening With Outdoor Lighting in Milton, DE

Give Your Landscape Design a Special Glow All Evening With Outdoor Lighting in Milton, DE

Strategically placed outdoor lighting can become an important part of your landscape design plan. It would allow you to spend more time in your Milton, DE outdoor space, and the right illumination can emphasize your favorite places in your yard.

Areas to Add Outdoor Lighting

There are many spaces that can benefit from the addition of outdoor lighting. Your landscape experts may begin by recommending areas that need illumination and then also suggest places where additional lighting would be desirable. In terms of a necessity, lighting along the driveway is usually recommended, to bring attention to this important landscape feature in the nighttime hours and help with the transition from exiting a car to moving onto the rest of your property or going into the house. Not only could you line the driveway with lights or have recessed lighting within the pavers, but you can also have lighting that points at your house numbers or a nearby flower bed to showcase your plantings.

As for the rest of your front yard, spotlights can also be placed throughout your landscape to illuminate your favorite trees and allow you and your guests to enjoy them into the evening hours. This can also create a beautiful glow along the ground.

At the same time, consider how landscape lighting could greatly expand the amount of time you spend in your backyard spaces. For instance it can be beneficial to consider lighting to line any walkways and stairs, so your guests can easily navigate toward your outdoor living areas and also feel welcomed as they do so.

For an outdoor kitchen, task lighting can be beneficial while you are preparing and cooking a meal. Once you sit down to enjoy the food in your outdoor dining area, this overhead lighting can help provide a natural glow and allow you to create an ideal ambiance for you and your guests.

Lighting can be added to any retaining walls, to help set a particular mood around your backyard. Outdoor lighting that shines upward would call attention to the wall’s beautiful textures and may even compel people to sit atop it if the height is just right for a seating wall. If your retaining wall surrounds a fire pit, lighting installed into the wall blocks can provide additional soft lighting for you to enjoy.

Types of Landscape Lighting

When it comes to determining what type of lighting you want to use in your outdoor space, there are different options depending on your needs and preferences. Most outdoor lighting today is considered “smart,” in that it can be easily controlled through an app on your smartphone and allow you to not only turn the lights on and off, but also potentially change the colors and set timers. Smart lighting is innovative and can give you plenty of customizable options to make your outdoor lighting experience exactly what you are looking for.

LED lighting is another common type of outdoor lighting that can be incorporated into your lighting plan. LED lighting does not get hot to the touch as some other types of lighting can, and it can stay well lit for hundreds of hours—you might specifically consider LED lighting if you are looking to utilize extensive outdoor lighting.

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