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Find Yourself Searching “Lawn Care Near Me?” It Is Time to Hire the Pros in the Selbyville, DE, Area

Find Yourself Searching “Lawn Care Near Me?” It Is Time to Hire the Pros in the Selbyville, DE, Area

The Great American Lawn—it’s beautiful, it’s coveted, and it requires some planning to keep it looking amazing. Getting your lawn to grow into the perfect lush green carpet requires ongoing maintenance, which requires vigilance. If you find yourself searching “lawn care near me” it is likely time to hire the pros in the Selbyville, DE, area.

Lawn Care and Maintenance

Proper lawn maintenance requires an ongoing schedule that is usually best left to the pros as there are many details involved. In addition to mowing and watering, there are various other essential elements of proper lawn care such as aerating, dethatching, weed control, pest control, and fertilizing.

This is where a professional lawn care service can help. These experts will schedule each task at the proper time of year, and well-trained crews will get the job done in a fraction of the time that a homeowner can.

Aeration, for example, is a necessary task for lawns that see a lot of foot traffic from active kids and pets, or on properties with dense clay soils that bake hard during the summer heat. But walking across a quarter-acre property with aeration spikes takes a very long time, and you’re not guaranteed to get every spot. Professional-grade aerators can loosen hard soil to allow water and nutrients to soak in—and they do the job quickly and efficiently.

Applying weed-and-feed products is often the go-to for many homeowners, but it could be the wrong approach. If your lawn is already healthy, adding too much fertilizer could do more harm than good. And if the fertilizer is applied incorrectly, you could even end up with a seriously damaged or dead lawn.

If your lawn doesn’t have a weed problem, introducing herbicides may not be viewed as a great environmental choice. Weed-and-feed products are considered generic. They don’t address the specific needs of every lawn. This is where the professionals come in to assess the needs of your lawn—including the soil quality—and then apply products that will support the lawn without adding unnecessary chemicals to the ecosystem.

As for mowing, the pros maintain their equipment because it’s more efficient to do so. Sharp mower blades mean less damage to blades of grass—a clean cut instead of a tear—and a faster job. And they set their mower blades to the correct height so that grass isn’t cut too short or too long.

Vigilance in Lawn Care

In the interest of getting the job done quickly, many homeowners fail to really observe or monitor their lawns while they’re mowing or watering. Weeds are opportunists and they will quickly move in wherever there’s a bare patch or the grass is struggling. Even a couple of weeks of inattention could mean a weed infestation that will be much harder to control than while the weeds are small.

Lawn care pros are experts at spotting areas of the lawn where the grass is struggling to survive, or struggling to compete with aggressive weeds. They can also spot areas where pests have done damage, or even areas where the irrigation system isn’t calibrated properly.


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