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These Are Some of the Must-Haves for Lawn Care Near Me in Ocean View, DE, This Spring

These Are Some of the Must-Haves for Lawn Care Near Me in Ocean View, DE, This Spring

If you are looking for “lawn care near me” in the Ocean View, DE, area, you may also be wondering what services are “must-haves.” Keeping your landscape looking beautiful requires consistent care, and hiring a lawn care company to take care of that work can give you complete peace of mind. Here are some of the must-have lawn care services that you may want to consider.


One of the first steps to having a vibrantly green and lush lawn is to ensure that it has the essential nutrients that it needs to grow and thrive. Fertilization is the key to making sure your lawn has the proper amounts of phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen.

Lawn care specialists are highly trained in the signs and symptoms to look for in a lawn and will know exactly which nutrients are needed, how much, and when they should be applied. With regular applications, your lawn will look beautiful.

Weed Control

A yard that is overgrown by dandelions, chickweed, clover, and other weeds will look unsightly. You don’t want your yard to be the eyesore of the neighborhood. Having a lawn care company take steps to prevent weeds will keep these unsightly growths away from your home. When the grass is healthy and strong, weeds are not able to get the nutrients that they need and will die. Conversely, if your lawn is full of weeds, they may take away the nutrients and water from the grass which will lead to unhealthy and dying grass.

Pest & Disease Control

There are numerous pests and diseases that can take hold of your lawn if they are not prevented and controlled. Some bugs love to feed on grass and tunnel through dirt, causing small mounds to appear throughout our lawn. Grubs enjoy feeding on the roots of the grass, which will destroy the root system and cause the grass to die. Taking precautions by having pest control included in your lawn care program can help you avoid having to deal with pest infestation.

Do you see bare patches on your lawn? Or perhaps you have fairy rings, which are circles of dark green grass caused by mushroom-forming fungi that are often poisonous. No matter what disease is affecting your grass, or what pest is infiltrating your yard, lawn care specialists can get these matters under control.


All living things need water to survive, and your grass is no exception. A professionally installed irrigation system can make a huge difference in the health and appearance of your lawn. One of the benefits of having an irrigation system is that there are sensors beneath the soil that will determine when your lawn needs to be watered and how much water is needed. This helps prevent wasting water and takes the guesswork out of watering the lawn.

Landscape Maintenance

When you have a beautiful lawn, you want your landscaping to look just as spectacular. Services often included in landscape maintenance are mulching, fall and spring cleanups, and hardscape cleaning and sealing. When you include landscape maintenance in your lawn care plan, you can have peace of mind knowing that your landscape is in good and proper care.


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