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The Do’s and Don’ts of Lawn Care Near Me in Harbeson and Rehoboth, DE

The Do’s and Don’ts of Lawn Care Near Me in Harbeson and Rehoboth, DE

If you want your lawn in Harbeson and Rehoboth, DE, to be the envy of the neighborhood, it starts with searching for “lawn care near me” and having a good lawn care plan. Unless you opt for synthetic turf, lush, green grass does not just happen on its own—it has to be carefully maintained following some do’s and don’ts for lawn care. Here are a few of those methods for achieving a beautiful lawn.

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Do Keep Your Lawn Watered

Anything living needs water to survive and thrive, and the grass on your lawn is no exception. While keeping a lawn well-watered in the past may have involved long garden hoses and sprinklers, today’s irrigation systems make it much easier. Your landscape provider could install an irrigation system for you that can run automatically on a schedule. The result is a perfect-looking lawn that you do not have to worry about, ever.

Don’t Over-Water Your Lawn

While watering your lawn is vital, it is also important that your lawn is not over-watered. Different species of grass require different amounts of water to thrive. Lawn care professionals know the exact amount. You certainly do not want to end up with muddy puddles from watering the lawn too much.

Do Have Your Lawn Fertilized

To ensure that your lawn has all of the necessary nutrients needed for growth, a fertilization plan can get it on the proper nourishment schedule. The type of fertilizer that is used depends on a variety of factors. Sometimes, your lawn will show visual signs that indicate which nutrients need to be added. For example, if the lawn is looking yellow it can mean that it requires additional nitrogen or iron. A lawn care professional will be able to take a look at your lawn and create a fertilization plan based on the unique needs of your lawn.

Do Keep the Lawn Mowed

The frequency of when a lawn should be mowed can vary, depending upon the weather and the amount of rain it has received. Generally, a lawn needs to be mowed about once per week. This ensures that the ends are healthy and will be able to grow and thrive.

Don’t Mow the Grass too Short

While keeping your lawn mowed is important, it’s essential that the grass is not mowed too short. When grass is cut too short, it can put the root system in danger. Without a healthy root system, the grass is unable to absorb water and the nutrients that are needed for good health. The best height to keep your grass mowed at varies, but generally, grass should be kept between 2.5 inches to 3 inches tall.

Do Leave All the Concerns to the Pros

There are a lot of aspects involved with keeping a lush, green lawn. Professionals in lawn care make everyone’s life easier by getting the lawn on an ongoing maintenance and care schedule. Lawn care experts know exactly what to do to keep your lawn looking healthy, including the ideal mowing schedule, frequency of watering, and how to properly fertilize your lawn. With professional lawn care services, you can rest easy knowing that it is all taken care of for you.

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