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How Proper Drainage Is Critical to Keeping a Selbyville and Ocean View, DE, Landscape Beautiful

How Proper Drainage Is Critical to Keeping a Selbyville and Ocean View, DE, Landscape Beautiful

In the Selbyville and Ocean View, DE areas, it is essential that your home landscaping has a proper drainage system. Without the proper drainage system, you can face a myriad of problems after big rainstorms. In this article, we have detailed some of the ways that proper drainage will help protect your landscape and even the health of you and your family.

Prevents Standing Water

Standing water can cause numerous problems. Water can accumulate and form muddy puddles in your front yard or backyard. This can cause the grass and other plants in the area to die. What you’ll be left with is an eyesore for your yard. Not to mention, if you have pets or children, they likely track the mud into your home. There are also implications to the overall health of the vegetation in your yard if standing water occurs frequently. Improper water drainage not only affects you but can also affect the health of the plants in your landscape.

Benefits Overall Health

Wet areas become notorious places for encouraging insects—stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. With insects often come disease and bacteria that you do not want thriving in large numbers near your home or anywhere near where your family may be.

In addition, water accumulating where it should not be can cause mold to grow. This type of mold can be harmful and can also become a nuisance in a home. You want to be able to appreciate the beauty of your landscape and not worry about how spending time outside could negatively affect your health.

Reduces Soil Erosion

When water does not have a proper path to drain, it can cause soil to wash away. Soil erosion takes the nutrients that are essential to plant growth away with it.

Without proper drainage and proper follow-up care, you may be left with a lifeless, brown, and ugly landscape. Keeping the area properly drained will allow the vegetation in your landscape to thrive, showcasing vibrant florals, lush green grass, and healthy growth. Accompanied by special features, your landscape could be an oasis where the entire family can enjoy being outside.

Avoid Landscape & Structural Damage

A proper drainage plan can be put in place to not only keep the water at bay but to help your landscape look its beautiful best. Landscape features, such as patios and retaining walls, are built with proper drainage in mind—it’s important for their longevity and the structural integrity of any other features in your landscape.

While heavy rainfall may seem like mostly a landscape problem when puddles form, it can have an eventual effect on the foundation of your home. Damage to the foundation can translate into problems throughout the structure, from cracks in the walls to flooding in the basement.

Once water is able to infiltrate your home, you can expect to see mold growth. It’s a big hassle to deal with flooding in your home. Not only are these undesirable outcomes, but they affect the overall appearance of your home and landscape. You can avoid these problems by having a drainage system installed in your landscape.


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