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5 Landscaping Options That Work Well for Limited Spaces in Rehoboth and Ocean View, DE

5 Landscaping Options That Work Well for Limited Spaces in Rehoboth and Ocean View, DE

Even small landscapes can become luxurious outdoor spaces. The key is to take advantage of the inches you do have outside through proper landscaping, which can make a significant difference for homes in the Rehoboth or Ocean View, DE, areas. Here are five landscaping options that you may want to consider if you have limited outdoor space but don’t want your outdoor experiences to feel restrained.

Synthetic Turf

The wonderful benefit about synthetic turf is that it always looks amazingly lush and green but doesn’t require the maintenance that a traditional lawn requires. This means no mowing, trimming, or fertilizing is needed.

The beautiful appearance improves the overall look of a small outdoor space and creates the perfect foundational landscape feature to build around and upon. Plus, it ensures your children have an outdoor space to play.

Designated Spaces

One way to make a small outdoor space seem larger is to create clearly designated spaces. Breaking up the spaces makes your space seem larger. You may have a small outdoor kitchen area with a built-in grill on a paver patio, a small wooden deck area with a patio table, and another area on your lawn where you place comfortable patio chairs. The use of various materials, colors, and textures helps to differentiate the spaces and makes your outdoor space look and feel larger.


Pergolas draw the eye and add architectural beauty to any space. Not only do they help divide outdoor living spaces, but they make use of vertical space. Pergolas can also be used to frame a beautiful view.

Vibrant Plantings

Whether you prefer the look of colorful florals or a more minimalist look of leafy green plants, both are great options that work well in limited spaces. For example, bright colorful florals could be used to create a focal point in your front yard or backyard.

Plantings are a great opportunity to make use of the vertical space in your outdoor areas. Choose plantings that grow tall rather than spread out wide This helps create the illusion of a larger space. You could also consider having a vertical flower garden area or making use of a stone wall or fence by having plant boxes added to spruce up the space.

Retaining Walls

Smaller yards are constrained by more than space if they are sloped. For example, rainwater could wash out the soil and cause erosion or the slope may simply render your outdoor space unusable. These concerns can be fixed with the use of a retaining wall.

A retaining wall can slow down the flow of water and help direct it into a more desirable location so that it is not flooding your home or landscape. Even more, it can create tiers of flat land that are more usable and easier to navigate. There could be stairs connecting the two levels of land. Perhaps you have a paver patio area with a small fire pit on one of the levels, and on another level you have a green space where your children and pets can play.


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