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Enhance Your Evening Landscape With These Outdoor Lighting Tips in Lewes and Rehoboth, DE

Enhance Your Evening Landscape With These Outdoor Lighting Tips in Lewes and Rehoboth, DE

The fun doesn’t need to stop when the sun goes down in Lewes and Rehoboth, DE. Having outdoor lighting installed can enhance your evening landscape and create a cozy atmosphere. Well-placed lighting adds to the overall style of your landscape design while also providing a sense of security during the nighttime.

Illuminate Walkways and Stairs

Having your walkways and stairs illuminated has a practical purpose; making sure any walking route is well-lit can help prevent falls. When walkways and stairs are illuminated, your evening guests will know exactly where to go when they exit their vehicle in the driveway or if they’re enjoying a gathering in your backyard. An added benefit is that the soft glow of the lights would make your outdoor space appear more enchanting and draw attention to the beauty of your hardscape features.

Accent Nearby Plants

Say goodbye to pitch darkness and unwanted shadows by using lighting to accent nearby plants. Outdoor lighting can be directed at a particular plant, tree, or at a general garden area. You might not be as inclined to worry about what is lurking within the trees and bushes in your landscape when you can see through the vegetation clearly. Plus, the lighting allows the color of the plants to be seen at nighttime.

Consider Wall Grazing Lighting

Wall grazing lighting involves strategically placing lighting to accent a wall or a fence. This type of lighting is often used in landscape designs featuring natural stone or highly textured wall stone because it can bring attention to the uniqueness of these materials. Lights can be placed within a couple of feet of the top or the bottom of the retaining wall or fence. This type of lighting makes use of both the light and the shadows to enhance your landscape design.

Choose the Beauty of Moonlighting

Soft wash lighting creates a soft ambient light that can create the effect of moonlight. Lights can be placed high in trees, an approach that hides the light fixtures themselves but allows the soft light to illuminate the surrounding areas. The leaves moving in the wind makes the filtered light dance across the landscape. If you don’t have trees to serve this purpose, you could choose a location that has substantial height so that the light can shine down across your outdoor area. This type of lighting isn’t harsh, but more of a subtle glow, which makes it a perfect lighting option for water features such as ponds or water fountains.

Automate Outdoor Lighting

Your outdoor lighting can turn on automatically at specified times with the use of a timer, which a landscape professional can program for you. When you arrive home in the evening, the exterior of your home will automatically be illuminated to welcome you. Automated outdoor lighting is also handy when you are traveling because it will give the appearance that someone is home.

While outdoor lighting can bring attention to landscape features, it primarily serves the purpose of increasing the safety and security of the home. Plus, professionally installed exterior lighting will enhance your evening landscape, making venturing outside in your front yard or backyard more enjoyable.


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