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5 Fire Pit Options You’ll Want to Consider for a Backyard in Lewes and Milton, DE

5 Fire Pit Options You’ll Want to Consider for a Backyard in Lewes and Milton, DE

When you are ready to have a fire pit installed in your Lewes and Milton, DE, backyard, there are plenty of options to choose from. The vast number of choices may even seem overwhelming. However, a landscape design professional can assist you in deciding among the variety of materials and styles so that you’ll end up with the perfect fire pit for your backyard space. To get you started, we have compiled a list of five fire pit options to consider.

The Look of Brick or Stone

A fire feature that’s expertly hand-crafted yet looks as if it were a part of the natural landscape can add significant visual appeal to your backyard area. You can choose from a variety of colors and shapes that will complement the other features in this space, such as your patio—or you could opt for something starkly different, to create a contrasting, standout fire feature. Is it the central focus of your outdoor living space, where you want everyone to gather and that you want everyone to admire as they enter your backyard? The answer could guide your materials selection. Either way, a quality fire pit will provide you with years of warmth and memories.

Surrounded by Concrete Pavers

Another consideration is the concrete pavers used for the adjacent patio. The pattern of these pavers can subtly navigate guests toward a seating area in front of the fire pit. Choosing these pavers can be an enjoyable part of the process, with diverse color tones, from browns and reds to more subtle colors, like light gray.

Rectangle or Square Shape

When you imagine a fire pit, you may think of a circular shaped structure. However, fire pits can be rectangular or square-shaped too. The clean and straight lines make this style a fitting addition to a modern-style home. Oftentimes, the size of a rectangle or square-shaped fire pit allows for more people to gather around.

A Fire Bowl

A fire bowl is exactly what it sounds like, a bowl constructed for the purpose of containing a fire. The bowl shape adds ambiance to the space. Fire bowls may be available in a variety of materials, including stone, clay, and metal.


Is rustic more your style than sleek and modern? For a truly natural looking fire pit, you could consider a custom fire pit design that features a large boulder that has been hollowed out to form a fire pit. Or your fire pit could be formed by several, substantial boulders. The appearance has a natural and earthy feel to it. Boulders in all shapes and sizes could potentially be used to create a fire pit—the right choice may depend on the other features of your landscape.

A custom-made fire pit can transform how you use your backyard and allow you to spend more time outside, even in cooler months. Whatever materials and style you choose for your new fire pit, you can look forward to quality time spent outside beside the warmth of a fire with your friends and family nearby.


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