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5 Fire Pit Designs that Bring Style to Any Backyard in Long Neck and Ocean View, DE

5 Fire Pit Designs that Bring Style to Any Backyard in Long Neck and Ocean View, DE

Well-designed fire pits can completely change the character and atmosphere of a backyard, including those in the Long Neck and Ocean View, DE, area. Not only do fire pits provide warmth on chilly days, but the soft glow from the flames and the crackle of the fire set the scene for a perfect location for memory-making. Landscape design professionals can design and construct a stylish fire pit that adds to the overall aesthetic of your outdoor living space.

Consider a Permanent Seating Wall

If you are going to have a fire pit added to your backyard, then you may want to have convenient seating nearby. A permanent seating wall is a great option that is durable and adds to the overall appearance of the backyard. Depending upon your fire pit, you could have a half-circle or a full-circle seating wall constructed to surround the fire pit. In some cases, the seating wall could be square-shaped. Plus, permanent seating walls make a great ledge to display seasonal decor or potted plants.

The Look of Natural Stone

A fire pit that is constructed out of material that resembles natural stone appears as if it has always existed in your landscape. It can be both stylish and long-lasting. You can have landscape professionals construct a fire pit out of the same type of wall stone or they could vary the materials, to create a contrasting pattern that is sure to catch the eye.

Sunken Fire Pit

Some homeowners prefer the look and feel of a fire pit design that is sunken or constructed within the ground. This style of fire pit gives the appearance that fire is coming straight from the ground, which makes for a magical atmosphere. Safety features can be added, but you may find that a sunken fire pit may not be the best option for homeowners who have children or pets that may be inclined to get too close to the fire.

Opting for Square vs. Circular

Many fire pits are circular in design. However, a square-shaped fire pit is a unique way to add style to your backyard. The clean, straight lines of the square shape give off a modern and sophisticated appearance. Perhaps you will want the fire pit to be designed in such a way that it to have been built around the same of your home, to create a seamless effect, whether that includes a square fire pit or a circular one. Square or rectangular-shaped fire pits can be constructed in a long and narrow format, which allows for even more design freedom and possibilities.

The Half-Circle Design

Another strategy to bring more style to your backyard is to have a half-circle fire pit constructed. Depending on the size of your backyard, you could potentially include multiple half-circle fire pits to allow for numerous gathering areas that would be perfect for hosting parties or other large gatherings.

No matter what fire pit design or style that you choose for your backyard, it will provide lasting comfort to you and your guests. The warmth and beauty of the fire pit will make you wonder how you ever managed to enjoy your landscape without one!

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20 déc. 2021

CLC lawns installed a beautiful fire pit in our backyard last summer. We could not be any more pleased with the results. The workmanship is excellent and working with the team is a delight. Jerry and I consulted multiple times and he came up with just the right design to meet our needs and budget.

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