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11 Services You May Find When Searching “Lawn Care Near Me” in the Milton, DE, Area

11 Services You May Find When Searching “Lawn Care Near Me” in the Milton, DE, Area

When you are looking for “lawn care near me” in the Milton, DE, area, you can easily get overwhelmed by the choices. How do you know which business to contact? Determine what services you need and go from there. Here are some of the services that a lawn care company may offer.

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Fertilization Services

One of the basics of lawn care is ensuring the lawn has all of the essential nutrients that it needs to grow and thrive. Some lawn care companies offer fertilization services that can be customized to your lawn’s specific needs. A technician can take a look at your lawn and determine which nutrients it can benefit from and will create a plan to ensure it remains healthy and green.

Landscape Maintenance

Ensure your landscape looks well-kept with landscape maintenance services. These services may include installing mulch, fall and spring cleanups, pruning, and cleaning paver surfaces. Combine landscape maintenance services with the other lawn care services, and you will have a comprehensive plan.

Lawn Program

Oftentimes, lawn care companies will offer a lawn program that will ensure your lawn’s health. These programs often include fertilization, weed control, and pest control services. Generally, a lawn program will include a series of treatments throughout the growing season.

Grading and Seeding Services

Whether your landscape needs to be graded to ensure proper water drainage or you need grass seed on your property, many lawn care companies offer both services. Oftentimes, both services are needed together—especially on new construction properties.

Synthetic Turf Installation

Eliminate the need for mowing, watering, and fertilizing by having synthetic turf installed on your property. It stays green all year round and is highly durable. You are likely to find synthetic turf installation services with a local lawn care company.

Irrigation Systems

Have a professionally designed irrigation system installed on your property to ensure your lawn looks beautiful and healthy. Irrigation systems can help preserve water by only watering when needed.

Landscape Lighting

Add drama to your landscape with landscape lighting if you are able to find a lawn care company that also offers outdoor lighting installation services. Whether you want to highlight specific features, illuminate your outdoor living areas, or add a visual aesthetic—a professional can help you.

Outdoor Audio

Music can make your time spent outdoors even more enjoyable. When you have an outdoor audio system installed on your property, you can hear the music everywhere throughout your landscape.

Custom Landscape Design & Build

Having a custom landscape can take your outdoor living experience to the next level. When you work with a landscape contractor that offers a wide range of services, they can work with their team to create an outdoor living space where you can spend time with your friends and family.

Drainage Systems

If your property needs a drainage system, some lawn care providers can install a Rain-Hog Drain System, to protect your home foundation and crawl spaces from wetness and mold. A professional can help you determine if this drainage system is right for your property.

Snow and Ice Removal

In winter, many lawn care companies offer snow and ice removal services. These services involve keeping the snow and ice off of your walking and driving surfaces.

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