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What Pavers Might Work Best for a Contemporary-Style Paver Patio in Selbyville and Lewes, DE?

What Pavers Might Work Best for a Contemporary-Style Paver Patio in Selbyville and Lewes, DE?

If you want to have a contemporary-style paver patio at your Selbyville or Lewes, DE, home, you may be wondering where to start. The pavers that you choose can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of the patio. We have put together a list of some of the features of a contemporary-style paver patio to help you begin the process.

Clean Lines

One of the main features of a contemporary style is an emphasis on clean, straight lines. Contemporary paver shapes can vary, although they are usually rectangular or square. This style is simple and clean, yet creates a striking look that could be described as subtle sophistication.

Large Size

A popular option for a contemporary paver-style patio is to use pavers that are large in size. The large size of the pavers and fewer overall joint lines make even the smallest of spaces appear larger and the overall paver areas seem less cluttered. The contemporary design style draws attention to the space rather than any of the items in the space. The large pavers will draw the eye.

These large pavers can either be placed continuously, with their edges touching, or you can opt for a more fragmented look, where there is more space between each paver, such as spaces filled with grass or pebbles. Nature plays an important role in contemporary style, so the green grass and pebbles or gravel can add to that effect.

Linear Planks

Typically narrow in shape and long in length, linear plank pavers are a popular choice for a contemporary-style paver patio. This paver style results in long, clean lines when the pavers are interlocked to form such a modern patio.

Linear planks can be installed in a slanted pattern for added interest. However, the straight clean lines created by having them be laid either horizontally or vertically across the patio are also a beautiful option.

Honeycomb Shape

The honeycomb shape is popping up in many contemporary designs, including in paver patio designs. This shape is also referred to as hexagonal. Choosing this shape makes it possible to create unique patterns and designs using numerous colors.

While the hexagonal shape is used frequently in contemporary design, it has a very classic and timeless appearance. During the design phase, the look of the patio can be changed by using either large honeycomb pavers or smaller size honeycomb pavers.

Smooth Finish

The contemporary style involves smooth finishes and textures. A smooth finish can make the patio look luxurious and modern. These pavers would be flat and even, rather than pavers that are rough or bumpy. The smooth finish creates a polished and sophisticated aesthetic.

Neutral Colors

Contemporary style tends to include varying colors of gray, white, and black. The colors are generally muted and simple. Some designs feature pavers in a single shade of a color, while others combine colors or varying shades to add character.

While the pavers may be neutral in color, you are free to add colorful accents throughout the patio area and still stay within a particular style, whether that be with colorful patio furniture, or through the display of colorful flowering plants.


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