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Here’s How a Paver Patio Makes for an Entertainment-Friendly Backyard in the Long Neck, DE, Area

Here’s How a Paver Patio Makes for an Entertainment-Friendly Backyard in the Long Neck, DE, Area

A paver patio can make your Long Neck, DE, backyard more functional and more beautiful. But, perhaps even more important to you, it could bring out more options for entertaining either your close family on weekend nights or large groups of friends for special occasions. Here are some of the many ways a paver patio can make your backyard more entertainment-friendly.

A Place to Dine—and Gab

Today’s pavers involve more than a designated spot in the backyard for placing a table and chairs. With tiered sections or designated “rooms,” separated by retaining walls, your paver patio could become the hub of entertainment in your neighborhood. One area could feature the outdoor kitchen, with a bar area for people to hang out and mingle. Some outdoor kitchens also include a barbecue, refrigerator, sink, and even a stove. You would have an entertainment-friendly backyard prepared for anything with such a patio and kitchen setup.

You can have ample room to create culinary creations to impress your guests, while the separate outdoor living area could be where your guests can sit and watch you work your magic. It’s here, maybe by an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, where conversation can flow. With a drink in hand and a beautiful landscape to admire, your guests can relax and focus on having a wonderful, memorable conversation.

Expanded Usable Space

With your paver patio as a starting point, the outdoor living space that is created will increase your livable footprint and give you multiple options for entertaining. With a pergola overhead, guests can enjoy dappled shade during an afternoon event. A pavilion, on the other hand, would minimize your need to worry about the weather forecast. A cozy outdoor couch would give your friends another spot to lounge rather than messing up your interior living room. If you don’t mind guests spending time either indoors or outdoors, an expansive outdoor living area gives everyone options and will not make the party ever seem too crowded. A seating wall could give guests a place to place their drinks or a place for themselves as they converse. The only limitation is space.

Versatile Options

When designed and built by paver experts, a paver patio can vary greatly in terms of size, colors, textures, and patterns. This level of creative control and customization can make paver patios unique—to fit your style preferences.

From there, you could get more creative, with the guidance of your landscape contractor, whether you want dark border pavers to visually tie in your many landscape features, such as your walkways and driveway, or you want wall stone for your seating wall or fire feature that is complementary to your pavers. Imagine all the cool evenings that can be spent enjoying a crackling fire with your guests.

Convenient Cleanups

Pavers are available to be non-slip, stain-resistant, and even permeable to keep messes at bay, minimize the need for maintenance, and avoid puddles or ice. Such pavers can keep your responsibilities pre- and post-party to a minimum, so that you can focus on sending out invites, gathering the food, and turning on the outdoor lights to set the mood. And then sitting back and having fun with everyone else.


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