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Don’t Let Your Beautiful Landscape Design Get Ruined by Poor Drainage in the Lewes, DE, Area

Don’t Let Your Beautiful Landscape Design Get Ruined by Poor Drainage in the Lewes, DE, Area

A beautiful landscape design is something you will admire and take pride in on a daily basis. For that reason, proper drainage is worth consideration in the Lewes, DE, area when it comes to ensuring you have a thriving landscape that you can enjoy for years to come. Poor drainage in outdoor spaces can cause extensive damage to not only your landscape, but also your home.

Drainage Problem Indications

Drainage problems may not be as evident as you think, unless you notice standing water. You may begin to notice water that is pooling in areas of your yard, your flower beds, or up against your home.

Other indications of drainage problems can include washed away mulch and plants. If storms are coming through and you constantly notice that your mulch or plants are washing away, then you could be experiencing a drainage issue. One of the less obvious signs is cracking on sidewalks and driveways. This means that water could potentially be running over or beneath these surfaces and cause structural damage in the process.

Drainage Issues Can Cause Extensive Damage

Poor drainage can cause extensive damage to your property if it is not properly handled. If you begin to notice signs of potential drainage problems, it is critical to have them addressed immediately. A storm that moves through with a large downpour can cause extensive pooling of water. Not only can pooling water cause damage to your lawn, but it can cause movement of mulch in your flower beds and garden.

Drainage problems can not only cause problems with your lawn and landscape, but they can create issues with your foundation as well. If water is flowing downhill and pooling near your home’s foundation, this can lead to mold and mildew issues in your basement as well as potential shifting of the foundation.

Insect Concerns

Drainage problems and standing water can contribute to pest and insect problems. Water that is pooling in your yard can attract insects such as mosquitos. Mosquitos are not only annoying, but they can cause health concerns as well. A landscape contractor can help to eliminate standing water that can attract pests and insects.

Drainage Solutions

There are several solutions that a drainage company can provide if you believe you might be having drainage problems.

A French drain can be a reasonable solution if you have water sitting close to the foundation of your home. A French drain is installed by creating a trench that is dug around the perimeter of your home, gravel being laid down, and then and then a perforated pipe being laid on top of the gravel. After this is completed, then the trench will then be filled. Grass and plantings can cover the French drain making it virtually unnoticeable.

Aside from a French drain, a retaining wall is another drainage solution to consider. If you have a landscape that slopes downward, a retaining wall can be highly effective. Not only is a retaining wall ideal to help with drainage solutions, but it can also provide an aesthetically pleasing solution. The wall stone that is used for your retaining wall can be chosen to complement the style of your home as well as your personal tastes.

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