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A Proper Drainage System Is Essential for Preserving Your Landscaping in the Milton, DE, Area

A Proper Drainage System Is Essential for Preserving Your Landscaping in the Milton, DE, Area

To keep your Milton, DE, property looking as nice as possible, a good drainage system may be necessary. By keeping water where it needs to be, and not causing damage to your landscaping or home foundation, drainage systems are often a set-it-and-forget-it way of making outdoor spaces more usable while helping to keep plantings and grass healthier.

Prevents Landscaping From Washing Out

If your property doesn’t have an adequate drainage system in place, your landscaping may wash out every time it rains. And the more rain you get, the more damage you may see with your landscaping. A landscape contractor can help you find the right drainage solution for your yard. For example, the Rain-Hog Drain System helps to direct water where it should go while keeping your landscape intact by avoiding rushing water. Other options include retaining walls, French drains, permeable pavers, and more.

Helps Prevent Ice

When water creates puddles and doesn’t drain as it should, you may end up with ice problems during the colder months, creating a risk of slips and falls and also damage to landscape features. However, when you have a good drainage system in place, water is less likely to collect for long periods of time on your landscaping surfaces.

Protects Your Foundation

Water that doesn’t properly drain from your property can cause a lot of damage to the foundation if there is constant freezing and thawing of water. Foundation cracks and mold and mildew become constant concerns when drainage problems are present.

Keeps Water Out of Crawl Spaces

If you have a crawl space under your house, you want to keep this area dry as much as possible. Without the right drainage system, water can work its way through your landscape and down into the crawl space. Adding a drainage system to the property helps prevent this costly event. Your landscape contractor can design a plan to create the ideal drainage path, to carry water away from your house and your landscaping.

Prevents Lawn Pooling

You want your lawn to stay in the best possible condition. When rain falls, whether slight showers or continual downpours, you want that water to flow off of your landscape and prevent it from pooling in areas of your yard. When you hire a landscape contractor to install a drainage system, you can rest easy knowing pools of water won’t collect in your yard.

Drainage Systems Can Be Underground

You might be unsure about adding a drainage system to your yard if you feel it may be unsightly or cause a tripping hazard, but the Rain-Hog Drain System runs underground. When you have this type of drainage system in place, you can keep water from flooding your landscape and not have to worry about this drainage system being visible. The Rain-Hog system will be placed under the soil so that there are no exposed pipes. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about people tripping on a drainage system while it works to move water off your landscape.


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