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Don’t Forget Drainage Options When Searching for Lawn Care Near Me in Milton, DE

Don’t Forget Drainage Options When Searching for Lawn Care Near Me in Milton, DE

If you’re rain-boot-deep into muddy muddles, you may be wondering where you can find “lawn care near me” that can help to fix the drainage issues plaguing your landscape in Milton, DE. The good news is that there are various drainage options that can help control this problem. Here are some of the solutions that you may want to consider.

Use Plants to Help Absorb Rainwater

Since plants absorb water, they are a great option to help control drainage issues. Some plants work better than others when it comes to absorbing water. You may consider having daylilies, violets, or primroses planted, all of which do well in wet soil. The blue elderberry, inkberry, and summersweet are great options for water-absorbing shrubs. Trees are also considered wonderful at soaking up excess water, especially red maples, weeping willows, and the river birch.

Having a rainwater garden designed for your property can also be an effective solution for managing water drainage. Rainwater gardens have a shallow catch basin that allows water to pool and then percolate into the soil. Because of the complexity, it is best to have lawn care professionals take a look at your landscape to determine if a rainwater garden could be beneficial or if other drainage solutions would be a better option.

Consider the Rain-Hog Drain System

The Rain-Hog Drain System helps to protect your home foundation and crawl space from wetness, which also reduces the risk of mold. With this system, a series of PVC piping is laid into the ground to help direct rainwater away from your home and into a more desirable location. With the Rain-Hog Drain System, you would not have to worry about washed-out landscaping, icy walkways, or dirt washouts.

Have the Slope Corrected

If your home is located on a steep slope, you may need to have the slope corrected. Slope correction involves grading the land so that there are no dips in the ground where water could collect. If your home is located at the bottom of a steep slope, you may notice that water tends to accumulate at the bottom of the hill and will potentially flood into your home.

Another option to correct a slope is to have retaining walls built. Not only can these landscape features, when built strategically, stop the flow of water but they can add more functional living space to your landscape.

Have Synthetic Turf Installed

Synthetic turf often drains better than natural grass does because the backing is designed to be porous. Part of the process of having synthetic turf installed involves grading the land to eliminate any places in the landscape that could collect water. Some synthetic turf has channel drainage that will effectively direct the water into the street or down a drain.

Factor in Drainage During Your Landscape Design

When crafting a custom landscape design, your landscapers can take a look at your existing landscaping to determine the best options for water management. They may be able to create a design that implements plantings to help absorb the water, correct any slopes, and help direct water to the appropriate location.


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