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5 Tips for Ensuring Proper Drainage on Your Selbyville and Sussex County, DE, Area Property

5 Tips for Ensuring Proper Drainage on Your Selbyville and Sussex County, DE, Area Property

Proper water drainage at homes located in the Selbyville and Sussex County, DE, areas is essential. When water does not have a channel to flow through and direct it to a desirable location, it will pool up wherever it stands. This can lead to numerous problems including flooding, mold growth, and muddy spots in your landscaping. We have compiled five tips for ensuring proper drainage, all of which will help you avoid the headache of dealing with improper water drainage.

Check the Slope of Your Property

During home construction activities, the land is generally excavated, leveled, and graded. This process often includes adding a gentle slope to ensure proper water drainage away from the home. Since water will make its way to the lowest point, sloping the land downward can ensure that it does not end up near your home, leading to potential flooding in the basement or other issues. In older homes, it may be necessary to have the land graded because it may not have been done when your home was first constructed.

Keep Gutters Clean

Even if you have a water drainage system installed, if the gutters on your roof are clogged with leaves and other debris, you will continue to have water pooling up in undesirable places. If the rainwater cannot flow through the proper channels into the water drainage system, it will be as if there is no water drainage system at all and you will deal with those effects. To avoid these problems, you can hire a professional to clean the gutters routinely or you could have a gutter guard or filter system installed that prevents debris from entering your gutters and clogging them in the first place.

Install Underground Drainage Systems

In order to have rainwater directed away from your home, having an underground drainage system is often ideal. This system of PVC piping installed in a trench will help direct the water to a specified location so that you can avoid water pooling up and causing issues near your home. Since these systems are installed underground, you don’t have to deal with unsightly pipes cluttering your landscaping. Country Lawn Care utilizes the Rain-Hog Drain System, which involves an underground drainage system that protects the home foundation and crawl spaces from wetness, which also reduces mold risk.

Check the Soil Around Your Foundation

Over time, the soil around your foundation can settle and shrink. It could also begin to slope down toward the foundation, which will cause water to drain towards your home instead of away from your home. If this begins to occur, it may be important to add soil to the area around your foundation so that the water can continue to flow away from the home. Soil also helps suck up the water and reduce the amount of water that will keep flowing.

Hire Drainage Professionals

One of the best ways to ensure proper water drainage at your home is to hire professionals to take a look at your landscape and any existing water drainage systems. You can take away any guesswork and rely on the professionals to design and install a water drainage system that will work well into the future.


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