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5 Signs That You May Need an Updated Drainage Solution in the Milton, DE, Area

5 Signs That You May Need an Updated Drainage Solution in the Milton, DE, Area

You’ve likely found this article because you’re having drainage problems at your landscape in the Milton, DE, area. Still, maybe you’re not sure what the solution to the problems should be or if the problems you’re experiencing are actually drainage-related. We’ve put together a list of five signs that you may notice if you are experiencing drainage-related problems and potential solutions that you may find helpful.

Your Basement Is Flooding

If your basement is flooding, rainwater is not being properly redirected away from the house. You probably dread rainstorms because you know the inevitable will occur, leaving you with a wet mess in your basement.

This could be happening for a variety of reasons. For one, the land may have shifted over time if your home is on the older side, with the land sloping toward your home instead of away from it. It’s essential that the land slopes away from the home. If your lawn needs grading, a landscape contractor may be able to help.

Muddy Puddles on Your Lawn

When rainwater is not redirected to an appropriate location, it will pool at the lowest surfaces throughout your lawn. This can result in muddy puddles that ruin your lawn.

A Rain-Hog Drain System can be a great way to prevent this from happening. This system collects water and redirects it to a desired location, away from your home and lawn.

Cracks in Your Foundation

If you see cracks in your foundation, it’s possible that you have water drainage problems. This problem is especially prevalent because of the freeze-thaw cycles. Water seeps into the cracks, freezes, and then the cracks expand. Ensuring that the water is not collecting near your foundation will help prevent this from happening.

Water Pooling Throughout Your Landscape

Pooling water is another sign of drainage problems. This can cause damage to your lawn and landscape. If you live on a steep slope, water may pool up at the bottom of the hill.

These issues can often be prevented with a drainage system or even a retaining wall. Retaining walls can be constructed with built-in drainage systems that direct the water to the sewer, a rain garden, or other appropriate location.

You’re Experiencing Soil Erosion or Washouts

When rainwater is able to rush down a steep slope unimpeded, it can result in soil erosion. Soil erosion washes away the essential nutrients that are needed for grass and plants to grow and thrive. This can cause bare patches throughout your landscape that are unsightly. You certainly do not want your lawn to be the eyesore of the neighborhood because of improper drainage.

In situations where you have a gravel driveway or surface near the bottom of a hill, rainwater can rush down the hill and cause a washout. It may cause the gravel to be spread throughout your lawn or landscape and destroy the surfaces that you drive your vehicles on. You can protect your driving surfaces by having a drainage system professionally installed on your property.


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