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5 Benefits of a Rain Hog Drainage System in the Sussex County, DE, Area

5 Benefits of a Rain Hog Drainage System in the Sussex County, DE, Area

Not only is Country Lawn Care a distributor of the Rain-Hog Drain System in Sussex County, DE, but it’s the sole distributor nationwide. This system can help you avoid the many problems that improper water drainage can cause. Here are five benefits of having a Rain-Hog Drainage System professionally installed at your home.

Prevents Soil Erosion

If you live on or near a steep slope, you have likely noticed water rushing down the slope during heavy rainstorms. Over time, the soil can wash away, leading to soil erosion. Soil erosion is the result of washouts, which cause all of the essential nutrients needed for plant growth to be washed away. When this occurs, you may have bare spots throughout your landscape where nothing will grow. Proper water drainage will ensure your landscape remains attractive. You definitely don’t want your property to be the eyesore of the neighborhood.

Directs Water into a More Suitable Location

Due to gravity, water naturally flows along the easiest route leading to the lowest location on a landscape. Sometimes the lowest location isn’t the most ideal for water drainage. This can result in water pooling up in one area, causing your lawn or landscape to become soggy and muddy puddles to pop up.

Stagnant water is known to attract insects and is a prime breeding location for mosquitos. With the addition of these pests comes health risks for you and your family, which is definitely something you will want to avoid. The Rain-Hog Drain System can help prevent these issues by directing the water into a more suitable location where there is proper drainage.

Prevents Icy Walkways

When water is allowed to accumulate in improper areas, it can become hazardous. For example, if water covers your walkways after a heavy rainstorm they can become slippery. Even more, when the temperature drops below freezing this water will turn to ice and make slips and falls more likely. A water drainage system will prevent water from accumulating in these areas.

Discreet Yet Effective

If you’re concerned with how a water drainage system will look on your property, you can be assured that it will be installed discreetly. The Rain-Hog Drain System is installed completely underground so that there are no exposed pipes like a traditional drain system would have. So, not only will your landscape look visually pleasing, but you’ll no longer have to worry about water drainage issues.

Prevents Basement Flooding

If rainwater is allowed to flow toward the foundation of your home, you will likely experience water infiltration into your basement, which can lead to flooding. Water leaking into your home can cause a myriad of potential hassles. For example, water can cause excess pressure on the foundation of your home, leading to cracks. In addition, water can cause damage to the structure of your home, your flooring, and any items that it touches for an extended period of time, such as furniture.

A drainage system will ensure rainwater is directed away from your home so that it does not flood your basement. A water drainage system is essential to ensure the structural integrity of your home and to prevent damage from occurring to both your home and your landscape.


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