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5 Ideas for a Low-Maintenance Landscaping in the Milton and Long Neck, DE, Areas

5 Ideas for a Low-Maintenance Landscaping in the Milton and Long Neck, DE, Areas

A great way to ensure your Milton and Long Neck, DE, area property looks its best throughout the year is with the addition of low-maintenance landscaping. Strategic planning with your landscape contractor to incorporate low-maintenance plantings and other landscape features can help you enjoy a beautiful view in every season. Here are some ideas for a landscape that is easy to maintain:

1. Paver Patio and Walkway

When built of high-quality pavers, a paver walkway and patio can be easy to care for. They will help to clearly designate where guests should go when navigating through your property and will maintain their nice appearance even in heavily trafficked areas. The polymeric sand for the joint lines between the pavers will help prevent weeds from growing, which means less worry for you about weeding services. Premium pavers are easy to clean as you can simply use a hose or a light power washing to clean off any dirt and debris.

2. Synthetic Turf

If you want to keep your lawn as low-maintenance as possible, you will want to consider the installation of synthetic turf. Not only will it keep your lawn looking vibrant and lush all year long, it is extremely easy to maintain—an occasional hosing will do the trick. It is also resistant to disease and insects, which eliminates the need for pest control. If you have pets or children, you can be rest assured that they are safe playing and sitting on your lawn.

3. Expertly Installed Outdoor Lighting

Professionally installed LED outdoor lights minimizes the need to change bulbs while also encouraging you and your guests to extend the time you spend outside. If you want to showcase any part of your landscape design, you can have lighting installed to illuminate your flower beds and trees so you and your guests can enjoy the natural beauty of this area no matter what time of day it is.

4. Native Plantings

You may have some favorite plantings in mind when you are planning your landscape design. However, some of these plants may not grow well in your environment. This might mean extra watering, maintenance, and care throughout the year. This is where seeking the help of landscaping experts is beneficial. Plantings that thrive in your environment will require less care and maintenance, and will also have a higher rate of survival.

5. Retaining Wall

Retaining walls can help reduce the maintenance that is needed in your landscape by keeping features where they belong and minimizing erosion. Not only will they provide help in those areas, but they can also act as a visual divider to separate your various outdoor living areas. When built with high quality masonry blocks or stone, these masonry features will require very little care and attention—beyond admiring their beauty.

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