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How Do Professionals Construct a Lasting Paver Patio in the Lewes and Milton, DE, Areas?

How Do Professionals Construct a Lasting Paver Patio in the Lewes and Milton, DE, Areas?

Adding a paver patio to a Lewes and Milton, DE, area home in the near future might be a thought on your mind these days. Maybe this is the case because you spent all summer wishing you had a patio in your backyard, and the thought just can’t escape you now. You can get the process started by learning some important information on how landscape contractors construct a lasting patio of this type.

Start with a Design

Before the landscape contractor starts building your new paver patio, there has to be a plan in place. The patio builder may brainstorm with you to come up with the perfect look for your backyard patio or pool patio. The brainstorming session could be a two-step process, starting with you sharing what you have in mind regarding a new patio and then learning what’s possible. You may want to debate the benefits of upgrading to pavers, and consider the many shapes, patterns, and colors available. Your landscape contractor may have fresh ideas that you may not have yet considered, in addition to considerations for the right size of the patio area and the style of pavers you’ll want to use.

Consider Surrounding Amenities

Beyond the paver patio, also consider any surrounding amenities you may want to complete a sense of “outdoor living.” Someone who loves to cook may want the everyday convenience of an outdoor kitchen. A newly constructed fire pit could keep guests warm while you cook and give you all a place to gather when it’s time for dessert. A pavilion overhead could extend how much time you can spend outside, if you never again have to worry about the weather forecast when entertaining outside. An outdoor lighting plan can set a welcoming ambiance when you do have guests over.

Consider the Location

Deciding on where the patio should go could be one of the most important considerations. Your landscape contractor will guide you in this process, but some considerations include space dimensions, proximity to the house, sun exposure, and desire for privacy or the need for the paver patio to be more out in the open.

Choosing the Best Materials

One of the most important indicators that a patio will last relates to the materials used to construct it. Whether you go with round pavers or opt for rectangular ones, longevity will be a key consideration as will some of the finer details. You could ask about slip resistance and inquire about how much maintenance your paver patio will require (the answer is it’s minimal, especially compared to traditional materials used for patios, like poured concrete). A paver patio that’s constructed of high quality materials will be able to be enjoyed for many years down the road.

To confirm that the landscaper you choose will know what’s best for your landscape and your new patio, you could inquire about their portfolio and customer references. Ask about their process, and you will get a sense of what goes into constructing a lasting paver patio.

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