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How Lawn Care Near Me Can Keep Lawns Healthy During Summer in Lewes and Rehoboth, DE

How Lawn Care Near Me Can Keep Lawns Healthy During Summer in Lewes and Rehoboth, DE

The sunny shores of Lewes and Rehoboth, DE offer a picturesque backdrop for homes graced with beautiful lawns. These lawns play an integral role in creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. However, as we progress deeper into the summer, maintaining the vibrancy and health of these lawns becomes a daunting task for homeowners.

That’s where lawn care services come to the rescue, offering a tailored solution to keep your lawns lush and green throughout the sweltering summer. Let’s delve into how a search for “lawn care near me” can be the first step toward ensuring your lawn’s optimal health during the summer months.

Understanding the Local Climate

Delaware’s climate, categorized as humid subtropical, is subject to hot, humid summers. Therefore, it’s vital to understand the unique climate and soil conditions to take proper care of your lawn. Local lawn care services are adept at managing these variables, making them an ideal choice for your lawn maintenance needs. They have a deep understanding of the local climate, appropriate grass species, and the best lawn care techniques suitable for our area.

Regular Watering

One of the first rules of summer lawn care is to water appropriately. Too little water can lead to a dried-out, brown lawn, while overwatering can result in a variety of lawn diseases and weak root systems. Lawn care services use best practices, such as watering in the early morning, which allows the water to reach the roots before it evaporates. Furthermore, they ensure your lawn receives about one inch of water per week, the optimum amount to keep your grass healthy.

Proper Mowing

Proper mowing is a critical aspect of summer lawn care. It’s not just about cutting the grass; it’s about doing it the right way and at the right time. Local lawn care experts ensure that your grass is never cut too short, a common mistake that can cause stress to the lawn and result in brown patches. They also make sure to mow with sharp blades to prevent tearing the grass, leading to healthier, greener lawns.

Fertilization and Weed Control

Summer is a crucial time for lawn fertilization and weed control. Local lawn care services understand the right balance of nutrients required by your lawn in the heat of the summer. They can apply a slow-release fertilizer to help grass withstand the hot weather and retain its lush green color. Simultaneously, they undertake a proper weed control process to inhibit the growth of common summer weeds.

Insect and Disease Management

Pests and diseases thrive in the summer months and can wreak havoc on your lawn. Grubs, chinch bugs, and fungal diseases are common problems in our area. Local lawn care services are proficient in detecting these issues early and treating them before they can cause significant damage.

Aeration and Over-Seeding

Although typically a fall task, in certain situations, such as when the lawn is heavily used or compacted, aeration and over-seeding can be beneficial during the summer. Local lawn care experts can assess your lawn and perform these tasks when necessary to maintain lawn health.

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