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Avoiding Landscaping Problems With a Proper Drainage System in the Milton, DE Area

Avoiding Landscaping Problems With a Proper Drainage System in the Milton, DE Area

Poor drainage can cause a variety of problems for your Milton, DE property and cause your lawn to look less than ideal. When you address the drainage problems you are having, you can make progress toward having landscaping that is healthy, thriving, and looks beautiful.

Drainage Problems Cause Significant Damage

Damage to your property can be extensive when you have poor drainage. Not only can it cause problems with your lawn and landscape, but it can also create problems with your home foundation as well. When water flows downhill and begins to pool at the base of your foundation, this can lead to mold and mildew issues in basement spaces as well as potentially cause your foundation to shift.

If you notice signs of poor drainage on your property, it is important to have these addressed immediately. When a large storm comes through and you have poor drainage, the water will pool on your landscape. This can have a noticeable effect on your lawn, your plantings, and the mulch in your planting beds.

Attracting Insects

Water that pools all over your property can immediately begin to attract insects, such as mosquitoes. Not only will this create an annoyance for you and your guests, but mosquitoes carry disease and illness. Eliminating the standing water will create a less inviting environment for these pesky critters.

Indications of Drainage Problems

One of the most evident signs of a drainage problem is water that begins to pool. You may notice this standing water in areas of your lawn, your flower beds, or even up against your home. These are all places that indicate a problem with water draining properly.

You may also begin to notice that your mulch and plantings are washing away frequently. If you are finding pieces of mulch and plantings scattered around your property, then this is an indication that water is not draining properly and flowing directly through your flower beds at a high rate of speed.

Cracks in your sidewalks and driveways can be a subtle sign of drainage concerns. This usually indicates that water is flowing underneath or above these areas and creating the cracks you are seeing.

Drainage Solutions

When it comes to drainage solutions, there are many options depending on what best suits your property.

  • French drain: A French drain is a common drainage solution that is helpful when water is pooling next to the foundation of a home. It is created by digging a trench around the house perimeter, laying gravel in the trench, adding a perforated pipe for water to flow through, and covering the trench entirely.

  • Retaining wall: Not only will a retaining wall help to redirect water, but it can create an aesthetically pleasing feature that helps to prevent erosion.

  • Dry well: This underground drainage solution will catch water and disperse it throughout the ground in order to keep it from pooling throughout your lawn and landscape.

  • Yard grading: If you have an uneven property and other drainage solutions do not seem to be a good fit, your landscape company may recommend grading your yard, for a more level, and ultimately less muddy, landscape.

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