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5 Dos and Don’ts When Planning a Fire Pit in the Sussex County, DE, Area

5 Dos and Don’ts When Planning a Fire Pit in the Sussex County, DE, Area

Adding a fire pit to your Sussex County, DE, home may be a common thought these days. As the weather turns crisp and the leaves start to fall, you may be dreaming of cool, autumn evenings on the backyard patio in front of a warm fire. If you’re ready to start planning for your future fire pit construction, here are five dos and don’ts to keep in mind along the way:

Do Pick the Right Size

Fire pits can be built in a variety of sizes. From a small fire pit that’s ideal for a couple to enjoy at night to a large fire pit that’s suitable for hosting a lot of parties, you can work with your landscape contractor to decide on the right size fire pit for your home. One that is too big may visually overwhelm your outdoor space, especially if you rarely entertain, but a small one may be limiting if you end up enjoying your fire feature more than you initially predicted.

Don’t Forget About Accessibility

Your landscape contractor can work with you to decide on the best location. Think of where you and your guests would like to gather around the warm fire and sip hot beverages as you chat with each other throughout the night. Should it be part of a paver patio, within sight of your house, or perhaps you are hoping to have it at a distance, in a more secluded spot? You will want plenty of room for seating, and you may even find that a seating wall would be preferable to chairs.

Do Consider Fuel Type

Think of whether you want a gas-operated fire pit or would prefer the crackling sound and comforting wood burning smell of a wood fire pit when choosing a fire feature for your backyard. You have a large selection of fire pit styles to choose from when considering this fire feature; you may want a gas-fueled fire table for a sleek, modern, and clean appearance, or you may have your heart set on the smell of campfires around a round fire pit that looks as though it were made of natural stone.

Don’t Put It Near Greenery

A safe location will be determined by your landscape contractor as they will need to factor in not only nearby structures but also any trees or shrubs that are being installed as part of your landscape renovation and how big maturing these plantings will get over the years. This will be something to keep in mind as the years go by, if ongoing upkeep of any nearby plantings will be necessary.

Do Get Creative

Since fire pits are built to last, you will probably want a style that you will also love for years yet that continues to catch your eye. For example, you could look into an unusual shape or color of wall stone for your fire pit or select an ornate style that makes your fire pit stand out from the rest of your landscape and be a focal point in your yard.


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