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3 Ways Liming Services Can Bring Your Landscape Design to the Next Level in Lewes and Milton, DE

3 Ways Liming Services Can Bring Your Landscape Design to the Next Level in Lewes and Milton, DE

If you have noticed that your lawn does not seem to be thriving, then it might be worth thinking about a liming service. Here are three ways that liming services can help to preserve the look of your Lewes and Milton, DE, landscape design.

Raises PH Levels

In order for grass to grow and remain healthy, it needs to be able to absorb nutrients and be slightly acidic, measured by its pH level. In many cases the ideal pH level for grass is considered to be 5.8-7.0 as it prefers an alkaline environment. The exact pH level that is needed will be determined by the specific type of grass that you have on your lawn. There could be instances where the soil in your yard has a much lower pH level than what is needed for grass to thrive. The addition of lime can reduce the acidity—a small adjustment in the pH level can mean the difference between grass that is struggling and a lush, healthy lawn.

Provides Necessary Nutrients

In addition to raising the pH level, lime can also help to cleanse the soil in your yard, which will help to remove toxicities and infuse the soil with crucial nutrients. This can help to clear up common problems that you may be having with your lawn and restore its health.

Nourishes Good Bacteria

While toxins may exist in soil, there is also good bacteria that is needed. Lime can help to nourish this good bacteria, especially in the instance it is applied in conjunction with compost. By helping to care for the good bacteria, it will ensure that your lawn is as healthy as possible throughout the year.

What Are the Signs You Need to Lime Your Lawn?

There are certain signs that you can look out for in order to determine whether your lawn might be in need of a lime treatment. However, even if you do not notice any of these signs, you can contact your landscape contractor to have them perform a pH test and take a look at your lawn.

One of the biggest signs that your lawn may need a lime treatment is an abundance of weeds. Weeds typically prefer an acidic soil, so if the pH level of your soil gets too low then the weeds may begin to grow and take over your lawn.

If you have found that your lawn is on a regular fertilizing schedule, but you are not seeing any change in the health and appearance of your lawn, then this could potentially indicate the need for a lime treatment as well. When the soil is too acidic, the roots will not be able to absorb the nutrients from the fertilizer, and this can lead to your grass becoming dull and brown.

Another sign is pests. Liming service can have an effect on any insects that are living within your grass.

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